What are MT2 Training services?

MT2 is the ultimate expert in Broadband Analysis. MT2 has in-depth and hands-on knowledge in several PON technologies. Our unique interoperability and QoS diagnostic and testing expertise have been built over more than 10+ years. We are now offering training services to our customers. Trainings are part of our services portfolio and can be customized according to customers needs.

MT2 offers different training programs such as:

PON protocols overview

MT2 training is the introduction to the ITU PON protocols layers. It provides the keys to understand how the protocols are built, but also a comparison between each other. Examples from our experience supporting our customers will be used to illustrate key aspects of the PON protocols.

QoS aspects

In this module, we delve in PON QoS specific challenges such as dynamic bandwidth allocation and prioritization.

Practical training with MT2 solutions

This hands-on training enables your team to make the best out of MT2 solutions: configuration and QoSanalysis, script writing, fault detection…

Our goal is to enable your team to diagnose easily QoS and configuration issues, to speed up equipment validation and deployment architecturing, and fault detection and recovery. It is especially helpful to detect interoperability issues.

The MT2 team has at heart to satisfy their customers in the best possible way. Training can be provided at customer premises or online, using up-to-date technologies to guaranty the best interaction possible.

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