What is MT2 PONPlatform?

One hardware with multi-usage available and multi-PON standards supported

MT2 PONPlatform is a powerful based processing unit targeting high speed optical protocols. Thanks to dedicated firmwares, the PON Platform can be used as Analyzer and ONU and OLT emulator for ITU-T PON protocols from G-PON to NG-PON2.

The PONPlatform is powerful enough to provide real time and unlimited access to all protocol layers and users traffic data. In association with the MT2 Browser, it provides comprehensive and intuitive views of the protocols.

Thanks to a smart architecture, MT2 PONPlatform is polyvalent and built to last. It is a made from a sturdy compact aluminium body. Small dimensions of the tool allows users to perform capture on premises and on the field.

All ITU PON standards are supported on the same hardware: G.984.x (G-PON), G.987.x (XG-PON), G.9807.x (XGS-PON), G.989.x. (NG-PON2), G.984.4 & G.988 (OMCI). The tool can behave as a PON Analyzer, an OLT Emulator or an ONU Emulator, and switching from one to the other is done by MT2 Browser software.

MT2 PONPlatform is neutral and independent from any chipset vendor. The solution has convinced the Broadband Forum and also the LANPark team. The solution has convinced both the Broadband Forum and the LAN Park, and it has been chosen as the official test tool for the BBF.247 certification at LAN Park.

Multi-ITU standards, multi-mode available in one unique device :
The PONPlatform from MT2.

What are the key advantages?

MT2 PON test tool

Multi-ITU standards supported: Its versatility allows this PON Platform to support multiple standards and functionalities. The standards supported by the PONPlatform are:

Multi-usage optical processing unit: MT2 PONPlatform can hold several firmwares simultaneously. The switch is performed by the control software:

With MT2 PONPlatform access all the date, immediately, as long as you want! You can perform real time analysis and capture without time limitation.

Full rate user traffic data support: Traffic user data can be either monitored through the MT2 Browser GUI or mirrored using dedicated ethernet ports.

Official Test tool for the BBF.247 certification.

Small and portable: The design of the MT2 PONPlatform is one of its advantages. It is highly integrated and portable. It weighs less than 1 kg.

  • Robust and sturdy aluminium casing: MT2 PONPlatform is designed to last.
  • EC marking: MT2 PONPlatform has been tested and is certified EC.

How do you build your solution?

MT2 solution is highly customisable and can be adapted precisely to your need.

Please let us know and we will guide you to the right solution for your needs.

The following table shows you how to choose the appropriate firmware for your PON Platform. Depending on the standard you follow, the firmware will not be the same.

Choose the right firmware to configure the PONPlatform

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