PON Quality Of Service

What is PON QoS?

PON QoS starts with packet delivery and latency: is a packet delivered, and at the right time?

This is the start of the diagnostic, and the analyzer will provide you with a unique neutral access tap on the fiber.

When QoS is compromised, the next step is to find the cause.

Due to the asymmetrical architecture of PON, OLTs are required to provide the bandwidth for a service using ONU cues or monitoring. DBA algorithms, although they fit into broad categories (T-CONT types), are proprietary and quite diverse. Using our tool, particularly its DBA analysis tab, you will be able to compute precisely OLT latencies and pin-point the cause of latency and packet loss.


Once Service configuration has been achieved, the next challenge is to provide the right Quality Of Service (QoS). On the PON, this translates into packet delivery and latency.

MT2 Analyzer provides easy access to the user payload which transits on the PON, with nanosecond-precise timestamping, either through our native interface to Wireshark, or with our mirroring ethernet ports.

MT2 also offers a view into the Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) mechanisms, with a graphical representation for an easy grasp, and a CLI interface for precise large scale computations.