PON Interoperability

What is PON Interoperability?

PON Interoperability is the possibility for multiple active devices on a PON Tree to interact and to bring the intended services, and QoS, to the subscribers.

In PON, the most complex part of interoperability is in Service Configuration, based on the OMCI Protocol: our tool provide both a sequential (message exchanges) and a graphical database (MIB) analysis of OMCI to help understand service configurations and debug potential issues. It can perform parallel processing of all the ONUs on the PON in real time and without time limitation.

Interoperability issues can also happen at lower levels, such as PHY or TC layers: with the analyzer multi-layer analysis, it will be easy to find such issues, as our solution will flag any proprietary or non compliant behavior.

PON Interoperability

MT2 PON Analyzers are used by Service Providers around the world to verify the configuration of their services: MT2 solutions provides a comprehensive and graphical analysis and helps to understand complex topologies. It also pin-points quickly any interoperability issue, helping to validate services, new releases and new equipments, …

Vendors use our tools as a reference to provide a neutral comparison point. MT2 captures and analysis can be shared with all the parties involved using our freeware MT2-Browser. Captures can even be used with our eOLT to replay a scenario and find precisely a point of failure.

Our team, with more than 10 years experience in interoperability, will offer support and expertise to unravel the intricacies of OMCI configurations.