PON Analyzer NIVA

What is a PON Analyzer?

A PON Analyzer is a Broadband test equipment system. This equipment highlights all communication exchanges between an OLT (Optical Line Termination) and ONUs (Optical Network Unit) using the PON technology.

A PON Analyzer should:

The test tool is used to diagnose and monitor configuration, interoperability and QoS (Quality of Services) issues.

What are the main features of MT2 PON Analyzer - NIVA?

Thanks to a state of the art architecture, MT2 PON Analyzer – NIVA is a device which allows users to access all the data, immediately, and without time limitation.

MT2 PON Analyzer is compliant to the following ITU-T standards:

ITU G.984.x/G.987.x (XG-PON);

G.9807.x (XGS-PON);

G.989.x (NG-PON2);

G.984.4 & G.988 (OMCI).

It is fully neutral and has no commercial chipset or OMCI stack. Thanks to a passive probe placed on a PON infrastructure, MT2 PON Analyzer receives part of the light going through the optical fiber. The PON Analyzer does not interfere with the communication between the active devices on the PON tree. It displays the configuration exchanges which initiate the service and also monitor and capture the user traffic data.

MT2 G-PON XGS-PON Analyzers offer a layered analysis of the different protocols:

full GTC (GPON Transmission Convergence) frames for G-PON and XGTC frames for XG/XGS-PON;

PLOAM/OMCI messages, which implement the ONUs and services configuration;

GEM (GPON Encapsulation Methods) Ports are discovered and displayed in real time.They also provide an access to the user data traffic thanks to a native interface with Wireshark;

DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation), which controls the upstream data rates for all ONUs, services and users.

The analysis is comprehensive and displayed in real time.

Our test tool offers a wide range of exporting capabilities. Most common formats are included in the solution (XML, CSV, HTML, PCAP…).

G-PON, XGS-PON Analyzers NIVA capture can be saved, opened and played off-line. Captures can also be replayed in MT2 OLT emulator – eOLT, MT2 ONU emulator – eONU.

MT2 PON Analyzer NIVA offers a powerful filtering/search/trigger logic to zero in the issues at hand.

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What are the advantages of the MT2 PON Analyzer - NIVA?

Here are some key advantages of the MT2 PON Analyzer:

MT2 PON Analyzer can perform capture without time limitation, no more time-related stress;

real time acquisition, analysis and display;

real time monitoring of the PON events.

What are the applications?

Our test equipment are used by many service provlders worldwide, independent test laboratories and equipment manufacturers in order to:

MT2 G-PON XGS-PON Analyzers will be useful on a wide range of situations:

Monitoring a PON tree. Thanks to its real time features, the PON Analyzer allows you to continuously monitor your PON tree. It displays all of the events occurring on your network

Building a diagnostic of a PON tree. The solution displays all devices connected on both ends of the optical fiber. With a high level of information view, access to details such as ONUs connected, activated or not, device details (S/N, Vendor ID, ONU ID,…) is easy. It allows you to understand and verify the PON tree is behaving as expected.

Highlighting interoperability issues: mis-communication events or non-compliant behavior are flagged immediately.

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