What is an OLT emulator - eOLT?

An OLT Emulator is a test equipment which behaves like an OLT, but has the flexibility of a test tool. MT2 OLT emulator:

What are the key features of an OLT emulator?

An OLT Emulator is a flexible and powerful tool. This device allows users to have full control of their test environment. In fact, users of an OLT Emulator can:
Tests can be performed with or without traffic. MT2 eOLT offers an integrated traffic generator and may also work with third party traffic generators. Traffic integration allows to verify the services (ethernet and above). As all of our other solutions, MT2 eOLT works in real time and provides simultaneous monitoring of the test results as well as comprehensive test reports.

What are the key advantages of the MT2 OLT emulator - eOLT?

There are multiple advantages when using the MT2 OLT emulator (eOLT):
OLT emulator set up with ONU, traffic generator and PC for BBF.247 ONU testing
In addition to these key points, MT2 eOLT emulator is the reference test tool on the market. It is the official test tool to perform the BBF.247 certification. In that capacity, MT2 eOLT has certified more than 100+ G-PON and 25+ XGS-PON ONUs. Thanks to that experience, MT2 OLT emulators is guaranteed to be up to date and keep tracks of the latest market evolutions. Our customers also benefit from our involvement in testing standards at Broadband Forum and FSAN Full Services Access Network.

What are the applications of MT2 eOLT emulator?

Among the key applications, MT2 eOLT emulator can be used to:

Test and validate an ONU. It is the perfect tool to test equipments during the R&D phase or preparing for a network deployment;
highlight Interoperability issues. In a multiple vendor scheme, service providers experience miscommunication between OLT and ONUs. MT2 eOLT will allow to reproduce interoperability issues in a controlled environment, quickening problems resolution and preventing regressions;
diagnose and refurbish faulty ONUs. MT2 offers a refurbishing test library which service providers and their partners can use to test faulty ONUs. Once again, thanks to its automation capabilities, the tests of the faulty ONUs can be fully automated;
prepare and pass the BBF.247 certification program. Thanks to existing test libraries, MT2 offers the official certification test program. This library allows ONU vendors to prepare for the certification and test their own equipment before going through the certification process.

If you want to check the list of the BBF.247 certified ONUs, just click here.

MT2 eOLT emulator firmwares

For each ITU standards, MT2 offers a different eOLT firmware. Here are the concerned standards:

Users can have several eOLT firmwares on their MT2 PONPlatform and switch on demand between them. Conformance and interoperability test libraries can be added: BBF.247, TR-309, TR-255, …

BBF.247 tests library

PON Platform and PC running MT2 software

The BBF.247 certification is an ONU conformance test-plan with a focus on ONU configuration (OMCI) and QoS.

This certification aims to insure ONUs maturity and compliance to market and operators’ requirements. It paves the way to integration and interoperability.

The BBF.247 test plan is now at its fourth version. The latest update for issue 4 includes:

Inclusion of the IR-247 issue 3 amendment 1;
inclusion of the IR-247 issue 3 amendment 2;
addition of the support XGS-PON ONUs;
addition of the support of several advanced & enhanced functionalities based on TR-280 requirements;
addition of the support of new profiles;
addition of the support of several additional functional features based on TR-156 requirements.

If you want to check the list of the BBF.247 certified ONUs, just click here.

Created in 2009, the BBF.247 certification applies to :
and now to XGS-PON ONUs.

There’s only one laboratory that is authorized by the Broadband Forum to perform the BBF.247 certification test: LANPark lab. For the tests, LANPark uses MT2 PON Analyzer and MT2 OLT emulator. The scripts used in the tests are co-developed by MT2 and LANPark teams.

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