New BBF.247 certification for XGS-PON ONUs

Key features G-PON, XG-PON and XGS-PON ONUs supported More than 110 different conformance tests Baseline and new profiles tested  Extended OMCI messages format Enhanced Unicast and Multicast operations tested Capacity tests and Performance monitoring Already 8 XGS-PON ONUs certified with our MT2 solutions    Product overview The BBF.247 test library is an ONU conformance test-plan […]

Broadband Forum – Q1 2020 Meeting in Budapest

MT2 will participate to the first Broadband Forum meeting of the year in Budapest, Hungary. A good opportunity to share our views and continue our discussion on PON interoperability and test plan conformance for XGS-PON/10G-PON equipment. To find more details on the event, please click here. If you want more insight on our participation or […]

New XGS-PON firmware – available now !

Our PONPlatform is now able to handle up to 10G traffic ethernet for both XGS-PON Analyzer and OLT emulator firmware. Keeping the same hardware with just a change on the transceiver, the new XG/XGS-PON firmware will give you access to the traffic user data and will push the limit of your test. MT2 team elevates […]

Broadband Forum – Q3 2019 meeting in Milan

MT2 will join the Broadband Forum Q3 2019 meeting in Milan, Italy. From the 2nd to the 5th of September, Telecom players from the Fiber Access Network workshop will continue their discussions about PON Interoperability among others. MT2 is thrilled to participate and bring its expertise. Some more news are coming ! Stay tuned. If you […]

MT2 CTO awarded at the Broadband Forum – Q1 2019

  At the Broadband Forum Q1 meeting in Warsaw – Poland, MT2 CTO received the « outstanding contributor » award within the FAN – Fiber Access Network – workshop.  This recognition by our peers, is shared by the whole MT2 team, and it is not an achievement: it is a way to celebrate our commitment, our effort […]

BBF – 2019 Q1 Meeting March 18 – 21 in Warsaw, Poland

MT2 will join the Broadband Forum Q1 2019 meeting in Warsaw, Poland. The company continues to bring its expertise and work on the Fiber Access Network workshop. Some more news are coming ! Stay tuned. If you want to find more about the event, please click here. To discover more about the Broadband Forum and […]

BBF – 2018 Q2 Meeting, Osaka, Japan

As an active member, MT2 will attend the 2018 second meeting between June 11-15, 2018 in Osaka, Japan. If you want to find out more about the event or the Broadband Forum, please click here.

MT2 – Celebrating 25 years in business !

25 years old! The ideal age for a person, it is also an ideal age for MT2: Youthful, yet experienced -a nice recipe for longevity. It is an excellent opportunity to look back and thank our customers for their fidelity, and past & present members of our team for their commitment.   Today, MT2 is […]

BBF.247 or How to certificate your ONU ?

Since 2009, FSAN (Full Service Access Network) and Broadband Forum have joined their forces to propose an OLT/ONU interoperability framework. In 2011, the Broadband Forum launched a G-PON conformance test suite called the BBF.247 certification program.   The certification is based on Broadband Forum’s IR-247 test plan. It verifies conformance with TR 156 using OMCI […]