MT2, Committed to interoperability

MT2, Committed to Interoperability in 2017. 

First and foremost, MT2 thanks the LAN (Laboratoire des Applications Numeriques) for their hospitality and their professionalism during the 2nd XGS-PON Interoperability Test Event held in Tours (France) from the 9th to the 13th of October 2017. As the only test tool manufacturer, MT2 team spent a week to work on ONUs/OLTs interoperability between constructors. This is yet another full-scale test to perfect our solutions on both side: analyzers (NIVA) and emulators (eOLT).

Constructive discussions were held on all agenda items with the participants coming from all around the world. We do believe that being close to our customers means be on the field together helping them test their products, and improving ours.