Designed for BBF.247 Compliance, ONU Validation & Regression Testing.

Key features

  • Neutral & Compliant
    • No commercial chipset
    • No commercial OMCI stack
    • Compliant with:
       - BBF.247 (scripts package)
       - TR-255 (scripts package)
    • Decoding according to ITU G.984.x (G.PON), G.987.x (XG-PON), G.9807.x (XGS-PON), G.989.x (NG-PON2),  G.988 (OMCI)
  • Easy to Use & Evolutive
    • Test scenarios written in javascript can be easily modified for specific needs
    • BBF.247 & TR-255 javascript library packages available
    • Full Automation
    • 3rd party Traffic generator integration
    • Master mode: controls any connected (TCP socket/Serial port) appliance (traffic generator, power plug)
    • Slave mode:  integrates into an existing using javascript-over-telnet API
    • OMCI support extension through entities XML description
  • Comprehensive Testing
    • Tune all fields/parameters
    • Generate and Receive standard & arbitrary PLOAM messages
    • Generate and Receive standard & arbitrary OMCI messages
    • Handles standards & proprietary OMCI objects
    • Generate arbitrary GEM cells
    • Generate standard & arbitrary BWMAPs
    • Generation of LOS/LOF events
    • Activation of FEC encoding

Build your solution


One unique PON Platform with its optical head


Firmware License(s)

Analyse and/or Emulate on G-PON, XG-PON, and XGS-PON


MT2 Browser

Simple, intuitive, with a
clear data presentation



Onsite installation, Training, and Maintenance