MT2 – Celebrating 25 years in business !

25 years old! The ideal age for a person, it is also an ideal age for MT2: Youthful, yet experienced -a nice recipe for longevity. It is an excellent opportunity to look back and thank our customers for their fidelity, and past & present members of our team for their commitment.


Today, MT2 is stepping into the future of broadband technologies, designing cutting-edge testing & analysis tools for the latest optical protocols. But this is just the last step of 2 decades and a half of evolutions in an ever moving telecom market:


1992 – 1997: MT2 started its activity developing tele-medcine devices. After a couple of years, the company decided to enter the fixed telephony market, and  designed and conceived test equipments for the analogue telephony (POTS – Plain Old Telephone Services).


1997 – 2000: At the end of the nineties, a first series of signal generators, bridge supplies, analyzers and analogue network simulators called CLASS200 extended our product list.


2001 – 2004: new products such as the CLASS300 and CLASS500 were introduced. The latter included CallerID and SMS signal. Thanks an enduring partnership with  Orange, the CLASS600 was developed to simulate both a SMS server and a SMS terminal. Step by step, the company started to be recognized as a prominent player in its market. This helped us developing & perfecting new products, such as the CLASS300/CLASS500/CLASS600, targeting new POTs & SMS functionalities.


In 2004, the first MMS wired connected test terminal was launched worldwide. It was developed in collaboration with Orange and Philips.


2005 – 2008: The team decided to move to the ADSL market and designed a non-intrusive real-time ADSL analyzer called the NIVA  (Non Intrusive Viewer Analyzer).


2009 – 2012: The company diversified its activity and launched a G-PON analyzer: MT2 entered the optical fiber market! In 2009, the first G-PON analyzer was sold.


Between 2009 and 2010, the quality of our analyzer was recognized worldwide, and the company attained  a new level of international recognition for its expertise.


In 2011, an OLT emulator broadened MT2 PON offering : the G-PON eOLT. The product convinced the Broadband Forum (BBF) in the context of its G-PON ONU certification. MT2 eOLTs are used by LAN laboratories for the official BBF.247 certification and have become the reference on the PON market.


2013 – 2017: In 2013, MT2 launched the first XG-PON analyzer in the world, quickly followed by the XG-PON eOLT in 2014. Since 2016, our efforts are focused on the XGS-PON standards.


Looking back, the company has cumulated more than 20 years of experience in the Telecom market, and grown a well-recognized expertise in the POTS, DSL and ITU-PON fields.


Looking ahead, MT2 celebrates its 25 years, by forging ahead with the XGS-PON and NG-PON2 standards.


Christian Sellier, Founder and CEO