BBF.247 or How to certificate your ONU ?

Since 2009, FSAN (Full Service Access Network) and Broadband Forum have joined their forces to propose an OLT/ONU interoperability framework. In 2011, the Broadband Forum launched a G-PON conformance test suite called the BBF.247 certification program.


The certification is based on Broadband Forum’s IR-247 test plan. It verifies conformance with TR 156 using OMCI as defined in ITU T G.988.


The end goal of the certification is to help Telecom players, such as Service Providers, Vendors, and Chipset manufacturers to (i) implement interoperable solutions more easily ; (ii) adopt the ITU-PON technology and (iii) support the swift expansion of fiber-based broadband access.


The Broadband Forum has authorized a single independant testing agency to perform the approved BBF.247 tests and assess eligibility of products for the Broadband Forum Certification.


This independant laboratory is LAN (Laboratoire des Applications Numériques), headquartered in France. The list of certified ONUs is available in the Global Registry of Broadband Forum G-PON ONU Certified Products.


The BBF.247 continues to evolve. Throughout the years, several issues (3) have been launched.

In 2018, the FAN (Fiber Access Network), one of the Broadband Forum working groups, will amend issue 3 of the BBF.247 program to cover XGS-PON ONUs, and publish the issue 4 of the BBF.247, with , extended requirements from operators (BBF TR-280)


MT2 and the BBF.247 certification program


MT2 designs, develops and manufactures G-PON Analyzers and G-PON OLT Emulators. Since the beginning, MT2 devices are used in the certification process. LAN and MT2 teams work together to offer a complete and workable solution.


Aside from our G-PON hardware and licenses, we develop a BBF.247 test scripts library. It helps vendors, around the world, to prepare their devices for the certification.


For more information about the BBF.247 certification program, please consult the Broadband Forum (interop/implementation section) and LAN’s website (Access Network section).


For more information about MT2 G-PON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, NG-PON products and the BBF.247 scripts package, please contact us.