The solution for Interoperability Checks,
Trouble-Shooting, and Field Testing

Key features

  • Neutral & Compliant
    • No commercial chipset
    • No commercial OMCI stack
    • Decoding according to ITU G.984.x, G.987.x (XG-PON), G.9807.x (XGS-PON), G.989.x (NG-PON2), G.984.4 & G.988 (OMCI) standards
  • Data Recording, Mining & Export
    • Data recording & export capabilities: XML (messages, BWMAP), CSV (BWMAP), pcap (OMCI, User traffic), sqlite (OMCI MIB), Logs (html, xml, pdf)
    • Off-line replay
    • Powerful filtering/search/trigger logic to zero in the issues at hand
  • OMCI support readily extension through XML files


  • Layered Analysis
    • GTC Frames
    • PLOAM & OMCI messages
    • OMCI MIB graphical analysis
    • DBA & BWMAP Analysis
    • GEM Port discovery & monitoring
    • Native interface to wireshark (payload analysis)
    • PON tree monitoring
  • Real-Time & Easy-To-Use, & Easy-to-carry
    • Real-Time acquisition, decoding, analysis & display
    • Simple/Clear GUI, Plug and play, no calibration setup
    • Ease of transport (compact appliance), and remote control from a laptop
    • Monitoring with no limit of time
    • Nanosecond timestamps
    • Error detection & highlighting
    • Real-Time monitoring of the PON events (ONU ranging, authentification, OMCI MIB setup, OMCI Alarms...)
    • Automatic discovery of GEM ports and VLAN-IDs, with bandwidth graph
    • Automatic discovery of Bandwidth graph

Build your solution



One unique PON Platform with its optical head


Firmware License(s)

Analyse and/or Emulate on G-PON, XG-PON, and XGS-PON


MT2 Browser

Simple, intuitive, with a clear data presentation



Onsite installation, Training, and Maintenance