About MT2

Created in 1992, MT2 team has designed, developed and manufactures test tool equipments for the telecommunication market.

Since its inception, MT2 has been at the cutting edge of Broadband, and has stayed faithful to 3 simple tenets:

  • Innovation
    • It is in our company’s DNA. At MT2, our team ceaselessly innovates, to improve the satisfaction of those who work in broadband networks.
  • A quality approach
    • The MT2 team focuses on an essential goal : an international recognition and satisfaction of its customers.
  • Teamwork
    •  A successful team is much more than the addition of its members.

In 2009, the company launched the first NIVA-GPON in the FTTH domain. NIVA stands for Non Intrusive Viewer Analyzer. Then, in 2010 the eOLT-GPON emulator completed our products. It has become the tool-set of reference for GPON testing, and has been chosen by the official BBF.247 certification laboratory.

MT2 is currently working on the next generation of analysis tools, analyzer and emulator: check our website for the coming news!
NIVA analyzers and Emulators are recognized as the best in their fields. They feature a unique Client-Server architecture, inborn real-time with continuous decoding, ergonomic graphical user interfaces and outstanding performances.

MT2 is an active Broadband Forum member and is deeply involved in the BBF.247 program. Our products are used by the LAN (Laboratoires des Applications Numériques), the official ONU certification laboratory for the BBF.247 program and now by several telecom companies involved in the xG-PON domain.

MT2 is the only test equipment company member of the FSAN Group.