MT2, The ultimate expert in Broadband Analysis

International expert in FTTH, the MT2 team designs, develops, and manufactures
real-time signal analyzers and OLT emulators.

Our Solutions



Our products deliver real-time analysis. They can be used without time limitation and display the data you are looking for as soon as they come.

Plug & Play


No need for calibration time or recording before analysis. Press the start button and the analysis of data is effective.



Our PON Platform is light and portable. It can be easily carried on the field.

Intuitive interface


Access to your data easily.
Our browser runs on a PC (Windows/Linux). It is simple and intuitive.



Thanks to our unique PONPlatform, customize your solution, adding functionalities as you need them.



Our solution supports G-PON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and NGPON2 in both OLT emulator and analyzer functionalities.

They trust us …

They talk about our solutions …

"MT2 is a very good setup to simulate OMCI configuration and test the services [...] it is very helpful for IOT with different OLTs. MT2 engineers provide quick and important support about the cases and environment questions." Jing S. - NOKIA
“I have been using MT2 for a couple of years now... It is a great tool with very big potential of test automation as eOLT and powerful capabilities as PON analyzer. I was amazed by the technical support reactivity and effectiveness!” Riadh M. - SAGEMCOM
"The relation between LAN and MT2 started more than 15 years ago. The professionalism of the team and its responsiveness when needed were always there! This was especially the case when we launched the BBF.247 certification program for G-PON ONU: MT2 provided a robust and flexible OLT-emulator [...]." Thierry D. - LAN